Five Easy Steps for Critique Writing

Most of the students seem to be hesitant whenever it comes to critique writing. However, there is no need to worry because writers at Infinity Academic Writings are devoted to solve your issues. It would be interesting to notice that writing a critique is all about agreement or disagreement with the argument and if a person knows how to do it then there is no difficulty in attempting such assignment.

The company operates with the core aim to keep your grades up and guarantee peace of mind during hectic academic routine. It is assured that all the elements of critique are incorporated properly in the solution, keeping in view the specified guidelines. Writers are proficient and competent to work on different academic tasks and have devised five simple steps specifically for critique writing.

Step 1: Read the introductory and conclusive paragraphs

By doing so, individual can understand who the author is and what he/she is aiming to say. Introduction and conclusions can serve to be the best sources of extracting information regarding what an article is about and what are the core ideas behind the research topic. As a result, several ideas are generated in mind of writers about where to steer the critique.

Step 2: Dig deeper

Digging deeper is all about knowing the purpose of article, the ideas presented by the author and the audience for which the article is targeted. Critique writing would be easier once a person gets to know all these aspects.

Step 3: Write main points as explained by the author

The next step to proceed with the critique is to write the main points explained by the author but leave the room for your own arguments.

Step 4: Add personal argument in response to each of the point discussed by the author

Once all ideas of the author are narrated, individual can move towards the next step of adding personal responses. Here individual needs to agree or disagree with the philosophy and it is essential to provide reference to the literary sources along with the arguments so that critique writing can be concluded with logical examples.

Step 5: Write thesis statement in introductory paragraph and conclude the critique

Done with the arguments? Next and the final step, is to write thesis statements in introductory paragraph to present core idea behind the article and conclude by incorporating all the important aspects of critique.

By following these steps, anyone can write best piece of critique writing within minimum possible time.

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