Eight Steps to Write an Effective Research Paper

Writing an effective research paper is a composite process. A good research paper involves detailed literature review and strong methodology in order to analyze the data precisely. No matter you are going to write a qualitative research paper or a quantitative research paper, following are eight major steps which you should follow to make your research paper of high quality:

  1. Finding, Shortlisting and Finalizing a Research Topic
  • Research and find a topic in which you have interest.
  • Write down your topic in an easy to understand manner. Your topic should cover the independent, dependent, moderating/mediating (if any) variables, their relationship with each other and lastly, a good topic should cover the context of the research study.
  • Discuss the topic with your fellows and supervisor.
  • Present your topic as a problem, yet to be solved.
  1. Discovering, Opting and Reading Sources
  • Research and find a topic in which you have interest.
  • Consult with periodical indexes, publications, suggestion from your peers and or supervisor and library catalog.
  • You can consult books, already published material relevant to your interest and check out their section of “Future research and recommendations”.
  1. Documenting Information, Sequencing and Grouping
  • Read out the bibliography sections of the papers which are most relevant to your topic.
  • Create a table with three columns and name them as, title, Methodology and Results. Now in this format input your all 50-60 research articles which you have shortlisted for your literature review.
  • Taking notes. Particularly if you are doing observatory research and or qualitative analysis.
  1. Writing an ‘Abstract’ for your paper

Although this section usually need to be done by the end of research paper. However you should know most of the answers to the following questions:

  • What is the topic of your research paper
  • Why it is important to carry out this research.
  • What literature material is relevant to this research paper
  • What is the problem statement or thesis statement of the paper?
  • What is the plan methodology to carry out this research?
  1. Writing Introduction of the research paper
  • Give a brief introduction of your topic and relevant industry.
  • Write relevant contextual material
  • Write concepts and define terms where needed
  • Write specific purpose of the research and explain what will be the focus of research.
  • Write your plan of doing this research.
  1. Writing Body of the research paper
  • For this section you can use your abstract or outline as guide.
  • Build your research around the points or research questions which you want to answer.
  • Incorporate your sources into your discussion and support them with previous findings.
  • Analyze, summarize, evaluate and quote the relevant published work.
  1. Writing Conclusion of the research paper
  • In this section briefly explain the purpose statement of your thesis, research questions, your plan (how you carried this research) and your results with the published literature support.
  • If your research questions are complex, you might need to summarize them in more readable form here.
  • You should explain significance of your findings and to explain them in a valuable way.
  • You can discuss limitations, future research and implications.
  1. Review the completed research draft
  • Proof read your paper at least twice to make sure that you are not making any grammatical mistakes.
  • Check overall organization of the paper, check the logical flow of the content, consistency and details of discussion in the body.
  • Citation is important, so check if all the sources is properly cited.
  • Check arrangement of ideas, within paragraphs, use of sources to support results, tables and use of conversion within and between paragraphs.

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